"Dense, literary songs. Highly expressive language. I applaud them for producing a distinctive debut"  Shire Folk 

“Reminiscent of early Joni Mitchell”  RnR 

The songs of Me, Thee & E tell the tales of their world - relationships, society, philosophy and politics all weaved through elaborate metaphor and extravagant language. You're sure to find some message buried in the heap of syllables, though you may have to look below some abstract surface to find it... 

Tom is a jack of all trades, a failed jazz pianist who picked up the guitar and Evie is a classical singer who didn't practice her scales enough and decided she preferred singing her own songs instead. They draw on these collective failures to bring you a rather lovely melting pot of sounds and stories from their world. You’ll hear extravagant guitar solos, soaring vocal extrapolations, dark folk ballads and rousing, roof-raising choruses, belted through soprano lungs. 

Evie and Tom are vibrant live performers and you should expect exciting, improvised interplay between vocal and guitar and many a story from these young troubadours. 

 "A melting pot of sounds that have been expertly forged through live performance"  Rock Society Magazine 

“After a concert with Me, Thee & E the listener will feel like they have made such a secret discovery. They manage to connect with the listener on a profound level”  Lancashire Life Magazine

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